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We’re all about building the jewelry company of the future & looking for passionate people who join our journey.

Effortless elegance and lifestyle meet genuine, timeless and prêt-à-porter jewellery to create the PDPAOLA universe. Style consciousness and distinct quality make up the essence of who we are, a curated Jewelry Brand that joins contemporary women in their ever-changing journey.

Our mission is to spark joy and promote self-confidence across women worldwide, as we democratize affordable luxury by focusing on exceeding our customers’ expectations. We do so by balancing Customer Experience, Design and Quality.

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, PDPAOLA was founded in 2014 by siblings Paola and Humbert in the pursuit of their dream: creating an industry-changing Digital Vertical Native Brand (DNVB) by turning Paola’s childhood passion for jewelry and design into a lifetime project. PDPAOLA is the result of a balanced combination of the creative and business worlds, working together towards the disruption of the Jewelry industry.

Today, PDPAOLA is an internationally recognised brand employing more than 70 people. We always look forward to working with top talent who are passionate about the business of Fashion and eager to join a fast-growing company with a fresh working atmosphere. With a consolidated international footprint of more than 100 countries, the company runs an omnichannel strategy by combining the Ecommerce, Wholesale and Retail business models. With an expected revenue of c.40m€ in 2021, PDPAOLA continues to grow exponentially year-by-year, quickly becoming one of the leading brands in the international Jewelry space.


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