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Buy and sell diamonds with confidence, Instantly increase margins and conversions with Nivoda

Join the #1 diamond marketplace that delivers

The most profitable and efficient way to buy and sell diamonds and gemstones
Nivoda provides jewelry businesses with a simple solution to strengthen profits, increase efficiency and accelerate growth with its B2B diamond marketplace. Designed to save you time and money whilst giving you access to the world’s diamond and gemstone supply at the best prices with zero inventory risk, Nivoda is trusted by thousands of retailers all over the globe.

Our mission is to provide the trusted marketplace for the jewelry industry
With a team of over 200 people that spans the globe and years of experience in the industry, we have developed a product that enables jewelry businesses of any size, in any location, to buy and sell diamonds in the most profitable, efficient and hassle-free way.

Shaping international trade for the jewelry industry
The idea of Nivoda was inspired by the ongoing inefficiency of diamond trading. We set out to develop the solution to help businesses, regardless of their size or location, increase their sales and margins, whilst removing the operational burden of sourcing diamonds.

Continuously evolving to meet the needs of the industry
Since Nivoda’s inception, we have made it our mission to provide the trusted marketplace for jewelry businesses. As a customer-centric and technology-driven company, we promise to increase profits, save time and improve the international trading experience.

Over the last five years, Nivoda has evolved into a global company recognised for its innovation, customer service and ability to deliver a seamless, reliable and efficient experience.



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