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For all your jewellery and gift packaging, point of sale material, jewellers sundriescarrier bags and window display, you need to look no further than Just Brothers & Co of London.Established for over 40 years, we are one of the best known suppliers of  jewellery and gift presentation cases and display units in the U.K, as well as operating in export markets as far flung as America, Europe and Australia.

We supply a comprehensive range of products for all markets, offering everything from the less expensive card boxes for jewellery and gift presentation to extremely high-class leatherette jewellery presentation cases  and bespoke leather presentation cases. Our products include both traditional boxes, as well as modern, bespoke and contemporary designs.

Just Brothers also offer an extensive range of wood boxes of different shapes and sizes for all your jewellery and gift packagingneeds. These are available in a natural, light-wood colour, a highly polished mahogany shade and a glossy black. All colours are available off the shelf.

Bespoke, custom made packaging is a Just Brothers’ speciality, and the company’s sales team which operates throughout the UK and in parts of Europe, has many years of experience working with customers to produce boxes and packaging to their own particular specifications.

Display units for jewellery and gift presentation, are available in stylish ‘PU’ and acrylic materials and are available for immediate delivery, while velvet, Nabuka and ‘Bengaline’ displays which are made to order, can be obtained within a few weeks of ordering. This facility gives customers the flexibility to change their jewellery displays easily and also allows them to add to existing displays, giving a whole new look to windows at a relatively low cost.







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