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Jihyo Kim Jewellery

Jihyo Kim Jewellery Creates sustainable jewellery, Coffee rings, necklaces & waist of charms. Discover Recycled Materials, 3D Print, Unique Designs and Korean Traditions.

“Embrace the essence of sustainable beauty with an environmental consciousness. Kim’s sustainable art jewellery conveys a powerful message, highlighting the significance of sustainable design that commences with the smallest of actions.”

Jihyo Kim is a jewellery designer who presents a new perspective through sustainable art jewellery while preserving cultural heritage. She graduated from MA Jewellery, Central Saint Martins in London and BA Ceramic Design, South Korea. Her research focuses on creating jewellery with cultural and environmental significance by circular design. Her designs harmoniously blend traditional Korean craftsmanship with modern sustainable principles.

Through her sustainable art jewelry, Kim emphasizes the importance of sustainable design and aims to convey this crucial message to a broader audience.



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