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Jewellery Storytelling

Jewellery doesn’t sell itself, so let Jewellery Storytelling help share your brand and product with the world.
However beautifully designed and crafted your pieces are, words secure the sale. And In an increasingly competitive and global market, storytelling is essential to stand out from the crowd.
From a compelling brand story to sale-making product descriptions, Jewellery Storytelling provides the words you need.
Copywriting & Content
From content marketing to copywriting, Jewellery Storytelling provides;
– Website copywriting, including landing pages, homepage, about page
– Content marketing, including blogs, video scripts, social media posts & evergreen pages
– Product descriptions, brochure and lookbook text
– Email marketing and newsletters
– Press releases, PR or stockist approach emails
– SEO copywriting
– Content pillars and content strategy
Brand story creation

Jewellery Storytelling helps create and communicate a unique voice and story for your brand, helping you align and connect with your audience.

Brand storytelling is a vital facet of your marketing strategy. A compelling story makes for a memorable and distinctive brand, engaging and converting customers. Humans are hardwired to respond to stories, making brand storytelling an incredibly powerful way to connect with your audience.

A brand story is the narrative constructed around your brand, deliberately designed to connect directly with your niche. In a busy and competitive market, an original brand story helps you stand out and sell.

Storytelling is the ‘backbone’ of a brand; it communicates all the key aspects of your business and is realised across your customer touchpoints. Having a defined brand story makes everything else easier, providing the themes you need for PR outreach, marketing campaigns, social media and content creation.

Jewellery Storytelling will craft and communicate your unique and authentic brand story.

About Siobhan 

Crafting effective marketing concepts for the jewellery and luxury markets requires a specialist touch. Jewellery Storytelling is run by Siobhan Maher, a proud jewellery insider with extensive experience in the industry.

Siobhan’s unique background combines an ability to craft sales-making copy and brand stories with an intimate knowledge of the jewellery market.

Ready to see where Jewellery Storytelling can add value to your business? Head to the website now to book your free, no-obligation discovery call.



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