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Houlden Jewellers

Houlden is a premium consortium of jewellers from across the UK and Ireland. We provide our strong community of elite, independent luxury jewellers with inspiration, advice, and support.

The Houlden community are given the resources and opportunities to increase their margins and improve their bottom line, without affecting their independence. As a group we engage and connect, with shared vision and values.

The Houlden Advantage

In an exclusive community of experience, trust and shared values, membership of Houlden brings tangible value to your business, without the impacting your independence.

We call this the Houlden Advantage, and like a diamond, the Houlde Advantage has many facets – and it means different things to different members.

If you are an independent jeweller that believes passionately in upholding standards of quality and excellence, the Hould Advantage can provide a successful route towards greater profitability, reduced costs and improved standards.

  • Connection: A wealth of collective experience and unparalleled knowledge
  • Insight: Unrivalled industry insight, expertise, and benefits
  • Buying power: Exceptional purchasing power and reduced costs
  • Marketing: Collaborative strategies designed to drive results
  • Training: Improved knowledge and empowered employees

Get the Houlden Advantage. Become part of Houlden – Jewellers of Excellence.



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