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Hayes & Lake

Hayes & Lake is a range of high-end jewellery made using laboratory grown diamonds. The UK’s first branded Laboratory Grown Diamond Jewellery Range.

Born from 30 years of experience making the best Jewellery in the UK and inspired by my 2 sons. Hayes (10 years old) and Lake (4 years old) are both IVF babies.

The connection serves to bring home how Laboratory Grown diamonds are real diamonds only grown in a laboratory. Their beauty is the same as natural mined diamonds but their price opens them up to a much wider audience.

Hayes & Lake helps to differentiate your Laboratory Grown Diamonds from your Natural Mined Diamonds in store by use of dedicated window display, in store presentation trays, carry bags, boxes and metal authenticity cards. The jewellery is classic and top quality made by UK craftsmen.

Hayes & Lake will be limited by area and so don’t hang around. Easy to stock and easy to sell, Hayes & Lake should be your entry into selling this years hottest product.



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