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Facet Barcelona

Fine Jewelry beyond precision, always with natural traced diamonds and ethical recycled gold.

Facet, one of the leading European companies in jewellery design, has dedicated its exclusive knowledge of selecting the most precious diamonds for more than 30 years in creating unique pieces. We aim to meet the specific needs of every kind of customer and market where the company is operating always referring to the latest trends.

Design and manufacture your unique collection, with our help.

We offer a comprehensive service, from concept to completion, to help you create a collection that’s truly one-of-a-kind. And if you need input from your design team, we’re happy to collaborate.

About Facet Barcelona.

With its own factory in India since 2005, employing 450 people under European management, as well as over 50 people at its headquarter based in Barcelona and a well-established sales force in nearly 30 countries (including sales offices in Paris, New York, and Munich), Facet has a very prestigious European team of experts in designing the most exquisite jewelry.

From Facet we control that every jewel is meticulously, reliably and professionally designed. We are strong supporters of human rights across the globe and share the values we guarantee that our diamonds are always conflict free, according to the Kimberly Process, and assure that we always use natural materials for creating our jewels.

As pioneers of the industry and sensitive to its surroundings, the Facet group is currently a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), an international organisation that advocates responsible practice in the diamond, gold and platinum metal industry. Furthermore, the company continues to push for honesty and the best possible business practice. Proof of this is the use of the most up to date technology on the market that allows synthetic diamonds to be recognised, both in loose and mounted diamonds. Facet´s acquisition of these machines is undoubtedly a mark of their efforts in the pursuit of clarity, professionalism and trust.

Facet stands for European attitude with Asian competitiveness.



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