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Belford Antwerp is the exclusive distributor of Ethereal Green Diamond in Europe.

We promise to provide you only with the very best lab grown diamonds in the world. Belford Antwerp is a vertically integrated company, meaning that our diamonds are grown, polished, certified, and provided to you in a very streamline process, so that we can provide you with a premium service which guarantees pipeline integrity.

Belford Antwerp is also able to provide you with an Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) service with Ethereal Green Diamonds lab grown diamonds if you require lab grown diamonds with a tailor-made cut for your own.  For further information about this service, please contact us in Antwerp.

About Ethereal Green Diamond LLP

Ethereal Green Diamond is the worlds foremost grower for the most wanted lab grown diamonds, starting from 1 carat to 30 carats – the world record largest CVD diamond. Belford Antwerp is the exclusive distributor of Ethereal Green Diamond in Europe.
Using high tech machinery, our master craftsmen work efficiently to make sure that our lab-grown diamonds are cultivated with utmost care, safety and precision.

Ethereal has a State of Art Factory where we have mastered the process of giving birth to diamonds that look, feel and shine just like their counterpart.



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