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Elsa Mouzaki Fine Jewellery

Delicate, flirty and chic! Timeless designs inspired by details in the world around us, handcrafted by Elsa Mouzaki.

“elsa” Jewellery was founded in 2000 by designer Elsa Mouzaki and business driven, Christos Vlassis. Their vision is to create handmade jewellery of simple aesthetic, fluid lines and feminine sensuality that women would love to wear.

In 2020 Elsa Mouzaki continues as “Elsa Mouzaki Jewellery”

My work explores the notion of female sensuality through timeless designs that are at the same time luxurious and easy to wear. I draw inspiration from my trips and the world around me, from botanical forms to sculptures in museums and architectural details.

Elsa Mouzaki Jewellery” has been featured in various exhibitions and magazines in Greece. In 2011, I won the Best Jewelry award in MACEF FIERRA, Milan. I have also designed collections for various companies and organizations, including Vichy and the General Secretariat for Gender Equality. Between June and September 2021 my work was presented in Vanity Fair UK and Vogue Retail UK.

Elsa Mouzaki collections are limited edition, presenting handcrafted pieces that use recycled silver and gold, sometimes adorned with precious and semiprecious stones.

“Elsa Mouzaki Jewellery” can be found in stores all around Greece and at selective stores in Europe.



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