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Coral Hung

Coral Huang

Enchanted Harmony
Art, Tech & Botanical Jewellery Blue Brooch & Bracelet : Recyclable silver, 3Dprinted aluminium alloy, simulated tanzanite, simulated blue diamond, blue glass, blue electrophoretic painting

Drawing inspiration from 19th-century Romanticism, Wanshan’s jewellery celebrates creativity, imagination, and a fascination with nature. The fusion of AI, modelling, and metal 3D printing embodies the exploration of new artistic fields. Blending botanical, futuristic and environmentally friendly elements, her pieces demonstrate the fusion of human creativity and technological innovation.

Each meticulously crafted piece embodies purposeful learning, a cyberpunk aesthetic, and offers a glimpse into a biology-centric future.

The emphasis on sustainability has led to the use of lightweight, recycled aluminium alloy material, ensuring a consistent weight regardless of size. Innovative technology adds an interactive response to body movement, allowing multiple ways of wearing a piece of jewellery to provide a variety of options for every occasion.



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