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Pioneering • Transparent • Conscientious Unique, ethical and sustainable diamonds grown in Newcastle upon Tyne

We supply beautiful and unique diamonds. Our diamonds are lab grown, using chemical vapour deposition, this is the best method for us to achieve both our ethical and sustainability goals. They are real, pure (type IIa), unique and hold all the attributes that make a gem quality diamond beautiful and valuable.

A tradition of depletion is no longer acceptable to many consumers. There are now less destructive, less harmful and more environmentally friendly ways to supply diamonds, so humanity should embrace those means.

Having total control and clarity over our process and supply chain, we are proud to say that our diamonds will always be traceable.

We are committed to sustainability and ensure our company’s impact is carbon neutral or better. We don’t destroy wildlife habitats, flora and fauna, don’t displace wildlife or communities and don’t pollute groundwater.

As a responsible UK company we have committed to support charities that make our planet a better place to live for all. This allows you and your customers to drive positive change by buying our diamonds. We will publish the charities we choose to support from time to time.



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