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Aconia Casting

Services include casting (gold, platinum, silver), 3D printing, 3D scanning, computer-aided design, and moulding. Aconia started life in a dingy cellar on Warstone Lane, Hockley in 1982. Hockley has always been our home, working for two years from Caroline Street and then on to Northampton Street where we have stayed for the last thirty years. The company was formed by two friends, John McCabe and Peter Sheldon. John has since progressed the company forward with his vast knowledge and experience in manufacturing, helping grow the business into the industry experts we are today.


Casting We have five casting machines which we use daily. Each machine is to the highest specification, which allows us to produce consistent castings to the highest quality. We specialise:
    • 18ct Yellow, White, Red
    • 9ct Yellow, White, Red
    • Platinum (950)
    • Palladium (950)
    • Silver (935)
3D Printing
    • 3D printing is now the most popular method for casting jewellery. It enables us to cast jewellery to the highest possible standard like never before.
    • Our workshop consists of five 3D printers, which have revolutionised the way we cast. Each printer is different and replicates a different type of resin. Each of these resins are all to the highest possible resolution, which allows us to produce the best casting around.
Moulds & Sprues
    • Moulding a piece of jewellery is a simple and effective way of re producing an exact copy, perhaps in a different metal. The main material used today is white label, but cold moulds are a good option for less shrinkage.
    • Spruing is a very important part of the process: how thick or thin and where it goes. This all affects the flow of metal to the right places. We can sprue your resins or masters for you or advise you where they should go. The pricing for moulds start at £20, and sprues £5.


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