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Aara Jewellery

Aara Jewellery is a leading Jewellery Designing, Manufacturing and Wholeselling Company .

The company is led under the great leadership of Mr. Bhavesh Gorasiya who has mastered the art of Jewellery making over the last 17 years that he has been in this business. He firmly believes – Work is worship.

“Every single piece of Jewellery that the brand creates holds so much more meaning
beyond the sparkle and glitter on the surface.”

-Bhavesh Gorasiya

As the tag line rightly suggests – emotions play a key role in the art of Jewellery. Be it designing, making or Jewellery buying. With its roots in India and the world moving towards a Figital age, the world is gravitating more and more towards emotions in these overtly digital times. Aara comes in here with the firm belief that Design is Art, and as with all art – an endless Imagination and emotions are needed to create!

The brand stands strong on ethics, supported by a great team that can overcome any diversity! Post covid, with the changing human needs and trends the company swiftly transformed from just Manufacturing to Designing & Manufacturing Jewellery to suit the bespoke human needs.

An engineer in mind, Aara is an artist, innovator and dreamer at heart.

The brand is on a growing trajectory! The credit for the same goes to the caring, supporting and loving nature of the Brand’s Leaders. When you care for your team; your team cares for you!

Focus, dedication and simplicity are the core values that the brand resonates with; Along with Quality at competitive prices at its core. Aara Jewellery promises exclusive designs at affordable prices that matches the unique taste of the consumers.
The Designs here are Crafted with passion and perfection keeping up with the rapidly evolving future trends!

Aara is not just another Jewellery Brand but it is truly crafting emotions.



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