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Dead stock? Have you thought about auctioning it?

Dead stock? Have you thought about auctioning it?

Dead stock? Have you thought about auctioning it?

It is well-known that dead stock is a real problem for jewellery retailers and brands, and as time passes, customer demand can decrease, making it even harder to sell and affecting the business.

If 80% of your stock is slow moving and 30% of this is dead, how much investment do you have tied up and holding back your business?

There are many ways to move dead stock, a free gift with a purchase, bundle products together, partner with a local business, donate to a charity or, have you thought about selling it at auction, this could be the most efficient way to get money back to invest back into your business.

The opportunity to move stock using John Pye Luxury is an excellent solution and revenue generator for all in the jewellery industry, where companies are looking to move old stock, customer returns, slow-moving and excess inventory.

Bespoke sales of luxury asset types complement John Pye Luxury Assets’ weekly auctions of Jewellery and luxury watches. The auction house offers appraisal, valuation, marketing, auction and private treaty services to some of the UK’s largest manufacturers and distributors of new and pre-owned goods.

Gillian Graham, Luxury Auction Manager, says, “We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with UK jewellery retailers and brands how our service can help and build long-term relations within the trade”.

To contact Gillian Graham, click here

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