Data conversion, nightmare or dream scenario

Are you a retail jeweller or wholesale jewellery supplier looking to change service provider?

Does the term data conversion sound like a complex process and cause concern?

Data conversion is and can be a complex process with different systems having different fields and field names which have to be mapped to transfer the information, or problems will accrue. Some providers won’t convert data in favour of starting with a clean sheet, and others will put the onus on you to export and map via their import process, but this should only be considered for the most basic of systems.

The jewellery trade is unique in its data requirement, so it’s advisable to get advice and use a professional, experienced provider to ensure it doesn’t become a nightmare situation. The importance of quality data conversion cannot be overstated. JewelMaster’s experience in data conversion provides an efficient and cost-free way to convert your existing data into a powerful online stock control system.

Their robust data conversion process ensures that your information is consistent, accurate, and up-to-date so that you can benefit from improved operational efficiency and increased profitability.

JewelMaster is a specialist within the jewellery industry and has supported many clients in data conversion to maximise the value of their business data and help drive the business forward.

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