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Daren Daniels gets 10 minutes with Lennox Addo

Daren Daniels gets 10 minutes with Lennox Addo

Daren Daniels gets 10 minutes with Lennox Addo

Meet Lennox Addo, the Jewellery Show director and driving force behind the new trade show

The new kid on the block isn’t so new to the trade, and he’s taken on the mammoth task of creating a new trade show for the jewellery sector from scratch. Take a moment and think about what that might mean in terms of time, resources, focus, meetings, calls etc… the list goes on. Respect where it’s due; this is not a task most sensible people would take on.

Meet Lennox Addo, the Jewellery Show Director and the man with a mission to bring the trade the biggest show in the UK industry and bring us something new and exciting to bring the trade together at one main show per year.

Lennox has the backing and support of a successful global trade show organisation CloserStill Media. They are not only award-winning for multiple shows but also a very driven company making Lennox and CloserStill Media a perfect partnership.

Now it’s time to get to know a little more about the Show Director in his own words, Lennox Addo

Question: Most people won’t realise that you are actually from the jewellery trade; tell us a bit about your background and the family connection to the trade?

Lennox Addo reply: Between years of 1989 – 2002, I was what you would call a shop boy runner for my mother’s jewellery stores that she owned and ran across Essex. That gave me first-hand experience on how the relationship between retailer and customer is formed and how incredibly important it is to ensure that all can be done for the customer. Never really was interested in becoming a retailer, but the business of the jewellery trade and the web of connections is what appealed to me and still does.

I’ve seen my mother do some amazing things to bring a smile on a customer’s face. I remember vividly a time when a man wanted a particular type of earrings that he couldn’t find for his wife re anniversary. My mother did the search, found the item for the customer, gift wrapped it and presented it to the customer with nothing more to do other than buy a card and write in it. The gentleman was so appreciative and excited as if he had won the National lottery. Experiences like that are peppered all throughout my time working in my mother’s stores. Compassion to help provide a service is firmly in my DNA.

To be in a position that involves contributing to retailers’ sales or helping to grow better connections for suppliers is the position I enjoy.

Question: You are obviously a person who isn’t afraid of a challenge; what motivates you to create a new jewellery trade show from scratch?

Lennox Addo reply: To be in a position that involves contributing to the success of retailers’ sales or helping to grow better connections for suppliers is what motivates me. I have the “why not!” attitude. Always have done, but more particularly, I believe the UK is well advanced to host the best, the most interesting creative designs nationally and internationally.

A major aspect I considered is the prospect that the UK will not have its own fine jewellery specific event – that just didn’t sit well with me, so I simply decided to do something about it and create the Jewellery Show – 5th and 6th September 2022.

Question: What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Lennox Addo reply: Let me be extra and give you 4

Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord! – Psalm 31:24

Believe in what you strive for and do not be afraid of failure – My parents

Difficult takes a day. Impossible takes a week – Jay-Z lyric

Think different – Steve Jobs (Apple)

Question: Who do you admire or look up to in or out of the trade?

Lennox Addo reply: My parents will be the first set of people I would say that I admire. They have come from humble beginnings in Ghana, West Africa, to now being incredibly successful. Not a unique story but an inspirational one.

There have been many outside of my parents that I admire, too many to name however, I would say that Daren Daniels, Co-founder of Jewel Ads is one. Considering what he is facing in life and yet still striving for success in building an innovative platform for the jewellery industry takes drive, passion and forward-thinking. Absolutely amazing.

Question: With so much going on, you must need something to keep you awake, are you a tea or coffee drinker?

Lennox Addo reply: I’m running off natural adrenaline with the support of several cups of hot chocolate LOL. Not a fan of coffee and tea is a last min resort LOL.

Question: What do you get up to at the weekend or are you working 24/7?

Lennox Addo reply: The lovely weekends are filled with me ferrying my 2 children to their extra curricular activities: my 6 year old daughter plays tennis, does dance and swimming. My 3 year old son also does swimming and plays under 5 football, although when you see a bunch of 3 year olds play football is more like chase the ball!

We hope you enjoyed this trade intro in to Lennox and I’m sure you’ll agree he’s going to be a leading figure in the jewellery trade for some years to come so why not follow him on LinkedIn?

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