Cool Diamonds Collection made for social media

Whenever someone touches that diamond on their finger or play with the one around their neck, we’re sure it brings back memories of a particular event when it was either gifted or bought to celebrate. This is how Cool Water Collection can help you to bring customers who will never forget you.

Diamonds, in addition to being nearly 3 billion years old, or older than dinosaurs, have a sense of importance. While they are produced deep beneath the earth’s surface, they are pure Nature’s gems and have a value of sincerity and natural beauty. I don’t believe any other luxury item justifies this level of dedication. Cool Diamonds Collection listed on Jewel Ads is one of the best collections of rings that are available for retailers to engage with their consumers, in-store, online and through social media.

Even during the epidemic last year, we realized the worth of diamonds. People were at home reuniting with loved ones and realizing the value of less but better things. They were lured to making great purchases that were genuine, meaningful, and long-lasting, and that defined a significant purpose and dedication. Diamonds thus come within the area of meaningfulness and long-lasting luxury.

Cool Water Diamonds Collection by Diamnet

Diamnet‘s Cool Water Collection is intended for social media marketing; all rings are available in 9ct, 18ct, and Platinum. Diamnet offers both lab-grown and natural-minded diamonds to meet the needs of consumers and gives them the opportunity to make their choice. All images of products are professionally taken with a view for social media marketing. In addition to this, pricing points are meant to appeal on Google Shopping, Instagram, and Facebook.


A shimmering baguette cut diamond solitaire sits elegantly nestled on a slender band, amplifying its icy sheen against the bright polished finish. This ring appears exceptionally unusual and contemporary in white metals like platinum or white gold.



A glistening diamond takes centre stage on this striking diamond solitaire engagement ring, perfect for those who love a classic design.


Two snowflake clusters of round brilliant cut diamonds give this brightly polished diamond ring show-stopping fire and undeniable elegance.


This sleek diamond solitaire promise ring is finely crafted in a bright polished finish, giving it a contemporary, effortless appearance with smooth rounded edges.

Howard Levine was the first to introduce to the UK an online, manufacturer-led diamond ring design tool which got a huge success and Diamnet is the spiritual successor to that original tool, with the advantage of years of evolution. They take care of our requirements and make sure to give exactly what we want at the very best price.

Are you looking for a new diamond range to appeal your customers?

If you are looking for a new diamond range to appeal to your customers whether they are seeking an ethical choice, value for money or simply on design and quality, you must visit the jewellery and watch online trade show on 5th April. You will be able to explore the aisle to find over 70 suppliers from all sectors of the trade, from gold and silver jewellery, diamonds, loose stones and brands through to tools and equipment. There will be technology services of which some will be delivering a live presentation and insight into new technology services and how they can take your business forward. ROBO is at the core, Research Online, Buy Offline. Jewel Ads connects UK retail jewellers to trade suppliers online to talk, meet and buy offline.

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