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Company Intro – Q&As with John Pye Auctions

Company Intro – Q&As with John Pye Auctions

Company Intro – Q&As with John Pye Auctions

John Pye Auctions is the UK’s leading commercial auction house network with over 22 sites across the UK and growing.

With over 900 auctions per annum, this company really does know its business and established John Pye Luxury in 2020 with the view of offering a specialist and focused service to the UK jewellery trade.

If you haven’t heard of them by now you can be sure they are going to become a part of the trade and a name we’ll all get to know.

For now, let us hear a little about John Pye with a few Q&As.

John Pye is a huge company, tell a little about what they sell and where they’re based.

John Pye Auctions is made up of over 700 employees, 6 main departments; Retail, Business Assets, Government & Luxury, Property, Vehicles and Tech. Between the sites, we have over One Million Sq. Ft of sales space Nationwide over 7 main locations: Marchington, Nottingham, Derby, Edinburgh, South Wales, Chesterfield, and Ballymena Northern Ireland and over 20 vehicle pounds across the UK.

Tell us how John Pye Luxury came about?

The John Pye Luxury department was established back in 2014. Since then, we have held over 1,000 online auctions and our customer base is now well over 200,000 buyers. Originally, the department was formed due to the increasing quantities of high-end luxury stock that we had been asked to sell – and decided to devise a team solely devoted to valuing, processing, marketing, authenticating, and uploading the stock into auction.

What kind of luxury products can you auction?

In our luxury auctions you will find branded watches such as Audemars Pigeut, Rolex, Jeager-LeCoultre, Patek Philippe to name a few, jewellery brands including Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Bvlgari and Tiffany alongside a large selection of Diamond set jewellery, Precious/Semi precious jewellery and a collection of loose stones. You can find Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel and Prada items available in our designer auctions.

What types of businesses use your services?

In terms of bidders, we have a good mix of traders and private buyers that buy from us regularly. Client, wise we work for numerous Government agencies, Jewellery and watch manufactures, pawnbrokers, and retailers along with private sellers that would like to sell on a one-off basis.

What main problem do you feel the business solves for its customers?

We believe offering the standard of goods we do at such low prices compared to RRP enables customers to buy for personal use and make huge savings, or even allows them to sell on if they wish.

What’s the future hold for you in the jewellery trade?

We believe by continuing to build awareness of the service we provide to both our clients and buyers, the future in the Jewellery trade is exciting.

To find out more about John Pye Luxury and contact Gillian Graham, Luxury Auction Manager, click here

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