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Premium jewellery 'Handmade in Italy' since 1991




‘PASSIONE IN ORO’ – Premium jewellery ‘Handmade in Italy’ since 1991


Trend-setting and distinctive designs complemented by timeless classics spiced up with a hint of ‘Dolce Vita’ describes the strength of CLIORO® best. The CLIORO® collection comprises an extensive variety of exclusive necklaces, bracelets, bangles and earrings. Every single piece is unique and perfectly handcrafted with a passion for detail. Naturally all CLIORO® jewels are manufactured of the most precious materials available such as diamonds and gold and entirely produced in Italy. At CLIORO® highly skilled specialists are uniting traditional craftsmanship with the latest technologies.

The pieces showcased on the Jewellery show focuses on yellow gold, Jewellery with straight and expressive elements. Classics are reinvented by adding special touches such as the twisted bangle and a collection of hoops that leaves no wish unfulfilled. Timeless classics are and remain a chore piece of the collection.

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