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Category: Jewel Ads

Capture attention and foster long-term customer loyalty.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to stand out and be discovered by their

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5 key things to include and 5 things to not include in your LinkedIn profile

Are you hesitant to include your contact information in your LinkedIn profile? You are not alone; many fear being spammed

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The Secret Weapon of LinkedIn: The Silent Community

Imagine a room buzzing with conversation, ideas bouncing back and forth. But in the corner, there’s a whole group quietly

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Will Covid-19 turbo charge the jewellery trade to a digital transformation

Have you planned for this crisis, not likely! How prepared were you when it hit and gave us all no

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Post-Coronavirus A Retail Jewellers Reopening Checklist

Retail jewellers all over the country are experiencing the coronavirus pandemic differently. Some stores have managed to keep some operations

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LBJ Jewellery

Jon Davis founded LBJ Jewellery 30 years ago and has been successfully supplying independent jewellers across the UK with silver

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Kate Dumbleton

Cardiff-based jewellery designer Kate makes eclectic jewellery collections in silver, gold and gemstones. Inspiration comes from Celtic heritage and legends,

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Nineteen48 offers responsibly mined gemstones from Sri Lanka, Tanzania and other carefully selected sources. Their extensive portfolio includes high-quality Sri

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Sierra Consultancy

Sierra can help you to choose the right package for your business, including 3Design, 3Shaper and DeepImage™

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SDJ Packing

The Made-in-Italy company designs, produces and sells packaging for jewellery, creating integrated and customised solutions for truly effective presentation of its clients’

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