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BUUNT Mokume-Gane Jewellery Born in fire!

BUUNT Jewellery


BUUNT Mokume-Gane Jewellery Born in fire!

Beloved memories have the power to recall seasonal scents, rare faces, and forgotten names. We want your choice of jewellery to do the same. Inspired by nature, BUUNT, a global leader in exquisite jeweller production presents a distinctive and rare collection of designs.

Hand-crafted and polished to the highest classification, our collections irrevocable character and beauty are refined using the Japanese Mokume-Gane technique renowned for its distinctive layered patterns, accentuated in 18k Gold.

Each design created by BUUNT is as remarkable as a fingerprint; the designers vision leaving its watermark: an awe that cannot be imitated without disregarding a unique place and moment in time. There are just a few masters all over the world who knows Mokume-Gane technique. We decided to do  something that even these masters can’t do.

Truly, Mokume-Gane moved to another level of BUUNT at a turning period, the technique again approved itself at the turn of epochs, in the time of great changes. During the times of war, crisis, coming one after another. We create when others destroy. Wonderful and virile works of art were produced as a result. BUUNT brings into this world a little bit more light using precious stones and dissimilar metals.

Mokume-Gane is the name of metal crafting technique that was invented in Japan 3-4 centuries ago. Its name is directly translated as “Pine’s Metal Wood” because the metal patterns visually resemble a tree fracture. The whole process is a very labour-intensive and expensive, and requires substantial jewelry skills. At times almost unmatchable metals combine into one and create unique beautiful patterns, which could never be repeated.

The secret of Mokume-Gane technique is based on the fundamental knowledge about metals and their features. Several different metals are sliced and coupled together, and then undergo a thermal process to increase their temperature, but not to melt them. This technique bakes the metals into each other and creates an unbreakable bond.


Mokume-Gane is the name of metal crafting technique that was invented in Japan 3-4 centuries ago











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