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BOO Jewellery give us a little insight into their business

BOO Jewellery give us a little insight into their business

BOO Jewellery give us a little insight into their business

Welcome to BOO Jewellery, where bold and distinctive jewellery pieces come alive. Founded by contemporary jewellery designer Louise, BOO Jewellery offers unique and sustainable handmade jewellery that is sure to make a statement. With her commitment to ethics and passion for creativity, Louise has crafted an amazing collection of silver and gold plated pieces that will surely stand out in any retail jeweller’s shop!

Business Q&As

Q: How would you describe your business?  What are your unique selling points?

A: BOO jewellery is a growing mid to high-end brand and shop; we don’t follow fashion; we are about being different, offering timeless contemporary styles.

Q: How does the brand differ from its competitors?

A: We love a texture and like to be bold with our designs.

Q: How do you see ‘sustainability’ being part of your company’s future

A: Sustainability is always at the forefront of our minds. We have always disliked fast fashion; we are about investing in a timeless, unique piece.  

Q: What does Boo Jewellery have planned for 2023?

A: In the next couple of weeks, we move into our fabulous NEW boutique shop; we have recruited a PR manager and launched our wholesale website, ready to tell everyone about BOO the jewellery brand.

We are currently working on some NEW diamond ring designs to complement our current Collections. 

Click Here to find out more about BOO Jewellery and view their lookbook

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