SDJ Packing

Sometimes love needs a helping hand. Translation for the jeweller: you may need to lure the buyer towards the perfect piece with eye-catching window/on-line displays and then ensure that the chosen item is packaged lovingly. SDJ Packing can offer personalised jewellery rolls, beautiful necklace displays, ‘Cheri’ boxes and bags and their ‘Freya’ box. Job done!

SDJ Packing was founded in Arezzo, in the heart of Tuscany and its goldsmith district. Sharing production between factories in Italy and Asia enables the company to quickly meet any client requirements while offering a competitive relationship between quality, price, and service.

The Made-in-Italy company designs, produces and sells packaging for jewellery, creating integrated and customised solutions for truly effective presentation of its clients’ products. It is continually developing and always looking for innovative production techniques to meet all market demands, thanks to its desire to experiment and create useful, captivating and functional products.

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