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Kate Dumbleton

Kate Dumbleton

Kate Dumbleton

So, while it might be a little more difficult to feel in the mood for romantic gestures at the moment, that doesn’t mean that Valentine’s Day is cancelled (any more than Christmas was). If your window displays or on-line shop don’t have a generous smattering of heart-y and flowery pieces, then you could be missing a trick.

For those who feel the need to fill a few gaps, we have gathered together a selection of suppliers who can help – right now – with suitably love-laden ideas.

Cardiff-based jewellery designer Kate makes eclectic jewellery collections in silver, gold and gemstones. Inspiration comes from Celtic heritage and legends, nature, her family history, art and futuristic themes with a contemporary, fashionable twist. The jewellery is made with as much care for the environment as possible, of recycled silver and gold and ethically sourced gemstones – a heartfelt touch surely?

If it’s hearts you want, Kate’s range includes them – from the sweet to the slightly edgy padlock earrings with heart detail. But romance can be expressed through other symbols, so maybe go slightly off-piste with love knot earrings.

Click HERE to see KATE DUMBLETON JEWELLERY directory listing and contact details

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