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Jewel Ads business listing and lookbook runs for 12 months and can be changed through the year.

It couldn’t be simpler: Jewel Ads creates your listing for you, including graphics. You just need to complete a short form.

Why join Jewel Ads

  • Online, convenient and accessible
  • Get found 365 days per year
  • 12 months of ongoing trade marketing to retail jewellers
  • Don’t wait for showtime to promote your business
  • Transparency of visitor views
  • Build brand awareness every day of the year

We work with physical trade shows

Our online shows allow us to run a consistent campaign to promote your business at a face-to-face trade show. We promote your show before, during, and after to maximise visitors and opportunities. We recommend you start promoting 3 to 4 months before or let Jewel Ads do all the work for you.

  • Jewel Ads provides a unique QR Code for your stand
  • Visitors can ‘Bookmark’ your business and then make notes
  • Send meeting or phone call requests
  • Message or email you
  • Send a WhasApp message

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Just complete this form

We’ll create your business listing and email the admin login details once complete where you can amend your business information or let us know we’ll make the changes for you.

Please note:

If you sell jewellery products please email 15 images for your lookbook or send via WeTransfer (email to

Invoice sent separately.

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This can be your email, it's to allow you to change and edit your business listing once it's setup.
This is where we take all you company contact detail, images and information to build your directory listing.
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This can be a yes or no or a contact. If multiple agents please add to other comments below.
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We can accept payment via many means, if you don't see your preference complete the form and add a comment or email
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This can be important if we can't find anything online that validates your company. Please include a contact and email address.

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