75% of consumers expect retailers to offer an augmented reality experience

Great innovation in both a retailer’s brick and mortar store and online is now crucial for a retailer to consider how technological advancements in the retail industry can enhance a customer’s purchasing journey.

Picup Media is taking the jewellery industry by storm, equipping the trade for a digital future. The company enables jewellery photos and videos that sell products with AR and AI-powered tools.

Digitalisation and the advancement of technologies now allow retailers to increase their connectivity with consumers. Augmented reality or virtual try-on gives retailers a more outstanding customer engaging experience gaining higher engagement. Interaction with products and virtually trying-on jewellery can boost loyalty and sales, and it is now becoming an expectation for consumers to share on social media, especially generation-z are now expecting

Many companies opt for such technologies in the luxury industry to gain a competitive advantage and encourage cross-sales as a necessary tool. Consumers are now looking for exciting customer service that helps personalise their purchasing journey; virtual try-on lets consumers explore options, see how products look on them, and view products in their own time without feeling pressured by a staff member. It gives a sense of freedom in their purchasing decision making that converts into a purchase differentiating your business from your competitors. It is not surprising that 71% of shoppers would shop at a retailer more often if an augmented reality experience were present.

Did you know that 75% of consumers expect retailers to offer an augmented reality experience?
Picup Media enables retailers to turn images into AR experiences that allow customers to try on jewellery anytime, anywhere, simply by using their smartphone or computer to click on a link and try. The virtual try-on is a simple integration process, with a few simple steps leveraging this technology to future-proofing your jewellery business.

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