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4 Important Sources of Information for B2B Trade Jewellery Buyers.

4 Important Sources of Information for B2B Trade Jewellery Buyers.

4 Important Sources of Information for B2B Trade Jewellery Buyers.

Today’s B2B jewellery buyers are digital natives who get most of their research and purchasing information from the web, but you can’t rely on a Google search. 

From a content marketing perspective, knowing where your buyers get their information is critical to an effective strategy. You might have named things like product info sheets or sales reps twenty years ago. But not anymore. So what are the most important sources of information for today’s B2B buyers?

B2B buying has completely evolved, largely thanks to the increasing percentage of digital natives making up the B2B purchasing landscape.

Is your content marketing strategy being placed where the B2B are looking? Here are a few suggestions where B2B buyers might be looking.

4 top sources of information for B2B jewellery buyers

1. Online search

Not only is an online search the first move for 62% of B2B buyers, but 94% of buyers also report using online research at some point during the purchasing process. And this isn’t a surprise when you consider that, according to a study of millennial buyers by Merit, “some 73% of 20 to 35-year-olds are involved in product or service purchase decision-making at their companies.”

A Google search can work wonders for consumer searches, but it is far from perfect for B2B jewellery buying, so make sure you look at your SEO and at least get the minimum in place.

2. Your website

So buyers conduct their online searches; if you’ve done your content marketing homework, they might find your business but how does your website stack up?

According to Bain’s global customer insights chief Eric Almquist, buyers “will have already formed a strong opinion about many aspects of the value expected from a supplier by the time they reach your website.” For this reason, your website should “provide a wealth of information on these types of value, with details on where… products have been successful.”

Your website should be one of your primary assets, simple to navigate and find information. Your content should be organised, clear, and presented to help your potential customers.

3. Peers and trade colleagues

Not an area to be underestimated, consider this, as digital natives step into purchasing roles, they’ve “brought their consumer habits to the B2B world,” says Almquist. This means that a big part of the purchasing process involves online but doesn’t underestimate trade peers and colleagues. It’s just as important to have a recommendation from friends in the trade, be in a trade magazine like Professional Jeweller and even exhibit at a trade show like the Jewellery Show in London, ExCel. 

Encourage customers who are advocates of the company to provide a review, put this on your website, and share it socially. 

First impressions matter in B2B marketing as they do in B2C. Today, that first look comes through websites, trade sites, magazines, and trade shows.

With a well-thought-out, data-driven content marketing strategy, you’ll be ready to meet digital natives where they are.

4. Jewel Ads

This new and convenient online advertising service is perfect for suppliers who don’t have enough time, resources or budget to advertise or promote to the retail jewellery trade. Jewel Ads was launched as the digital marketing route, making it simple and convenient for retail jewellers to find new suppliers.

Online trade shows are a revelation to the jewellery industry. This service is not just about the shows; they offer much more to help meet your digital native buyers at multiple touchpoints, which is essential to build brand recognition. 

It’s said that a buyer needs to see your advert at least eight times before they recognise a new brand or take action.

Affordable and no time required from the supplier!

This service is different as it requires no time from the supplier; Jewel Ads team do all the artwork, setup and marketing. They create your trade show, lookbook, digital brochure, social posts, a business listing that runs for 12 months, plus a VR Showroom for those looking for something different.

By booking four online shows, they will promote your business via their social media and newsletter before, during, and after the online trade shows. Hence, you have a consistent campaign throughout the year whilst you go about your day-to-day business. 

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