4 Amazing New Technology Services, a Must For 2022

Do you ever wonder why technology is so important in business? The solution is clear and straightforward. Technology saves you time and works while also improving your organization’s security.

Technology has a significant impact on business operations. Regardless of the size of your business, technology provides both real and qualitative benefits that can help you generate money and deliver the outcomes your consumers want. A company’s culture, efficiency, and connections are all influenced by its technology. It also has an impact on the privacy of confidential information and trade advantages.

So, to provide you with these benefits and help your business reaches the next level, Jewel Ads is introducing you to 4 amazing new technology services.


1. Salesfire

Salesfire offers clever Conversion Rate Optimization Tools that may affect the on-site customer experience and convert visitors into buyers. They are working with over 600 ecommerce shops to increase conversion rates.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Image Search, which is powered by AI technology, visually analyses a photo supplied by a client and provides comparable goods or exact matches. Searching by picture streamlines the purchasing experience and increases client loyalty, whether buyers are looking for a diamond ring in a three-stone setting or a watch with a specific kind of strap.

Benefits of using Salesfire
The following benefits of Salesfire will compel you to use it.

  • Enhances product discovery

Visual search makes product discovery easier by allowing users to search with images for the closest possible or exactly the same representation of the item they are looking for.

  • Increase Your Revenue

One of the most important benefits of visual search is that, after some investment, sites can look forward to the opportunity of vastly increased revenues. Early adopters and optimizers of both visual and voice search could find their sales increased by as much as 30%.

  • Delivers where text search fails

It helps to answer questions which are hard to verbalize such as “I’m looking for a pendant like this one” or “what’s the best price for this bangle”.

  • Product recommendations made easy

Visual search provides the technology for a product recommendation system based on actual similarity and not other users’ preferences. Brands use it to power similar product suggestions to offer a bigger choice.

  • Get Discovered by the Next Generation

By using Salesfire technology, you can get discovered by a new generation thus helping to increase your customers.

  • Create a Connection with New Customers

Potential customers will look to make any kind of personal connection with a website. Trust is critical in helping customers move toward a potential purchasing decision. “Visual discovery allows the consumer to generate a more emotional connection, which translates into less price sensitivity.”

  • Sell to Customers That Have Already Made a Decision

With properly optimized content through visual search, you can find your site interacting with people that have already made their minds up about whether they want to make a purchase. It makes products compelling and personal.

It also bridges the connection between buying a product at a store vs. online. Often referred to as “spearfishing”, visual search closes the number of steps and works between a customer searching for an item and then buying it from a website.


2. Virtual Try-On by Pickup Media

Are your sales and income suffering as a result of the pandemic’s inability to conduct physical product demonstrations? Don’t be concerned!

The jewellery virtual try-on, like other try-on technologies, is a feature that allows customers to try on jewellery goods using any camera-equipped device. This technology, which uses Augmented Reality (AR), allows them to contextually imagine how a certain object might appear on them before making a purchase. It’s an augmented reality alternative to browsing for jewellery at a store.

It makes no mistake. Virtual try-on existed long before the pandemic, but the current turn of events in the public health department has increased its acceptance, making it one of the most important technologies for many retailers.

Benefits of Pickup Media
There are many advantages of using this technology.

  • Reduce the number of returns

Everyone has become an internet shopper as a result of the pandemic. All of those lockdowns and mobility limitations, however, have simply aggravated product returns. This comes as no surprise. When you take away their ability to purchase in-store in order to minimize the spread of the virus, you also take away their tactile shopping experience. In fact, for many people, online shopping has become a form of primal therapy. People have turned to internet shopping to increase their mood and divert them from their bleak situation because many are unable to see their loved ones.

One of these technologies is jewellery virtual try-on. This AR option has been welcomed by many as the solution to the growing returns in this pandemic, and it has been shown to cut product return rate by 27%. While the experience is not the same as actual shopping, the virtual application greatly assists customers in making educated purchasing decisions by filtering out inaccurate sizes and fits.

  • Make your brand stand out

Differentiation has always been a game-changer since it is something that can be created rather than found. Not all of your rivals are as clever as you in identifying their differentiators. As a result, in order to build it, you must first investigate the region that has the ability to make your brand stand out.

The jewellery virtual try-on is a wonderful differentiator for attracting attention, attracting your target buyers, and ultimately converting those leads into conversions. You create an interactive shopping experience that is positive, memorable, and highly relevant to your customers by allowing them to make educated purchasing decisions.

  • Increase the conversion rate

According to new statistics, items with AR content have a 94 per cent greater conversion rate than those without AR. This graph depicted buyers’ desires for AR-alternative apps when purchasing online. All of the advantages listed above have been combined into one, the conversion rate.

After all, when you implement features like a virtual jewellery try-on, your ultimate objective is to push your customers to take any action on your website, whether it’s filling out forms or checking out. The boost in conversion rate caused by AR-powered products like virtual try-on is a clear indication that shopping is more than simply a transaction. It’s all about providing a complete buying experience that encourages connection and involvement while also appealing to emotions.


3. JewelCounter

It is not simple to run a jewellery store. You are supposed to construct good shopping experiences and provide more than a lifetime of memories. You are required to ship bespoke and customized items swiftly, at a reasonable price, and with a friendly attitude. And you must maintain a low inventory! JewelCounter makes personalized jewellery possible by providing their trade users with an order management system, an e-commerce website with your brand, and in-house manufacture of high-quality customized products. It is a fully integrated, white-label online platform that may help minimize inventory, increase sales, and thrill about the future of jewellery selling.

Benefits of using JewelCounter

  • To sell your creations, create a personalized ecommerce site.
  • Stop making sales projections and storing inventory.
  • Estimate retail prices using the Gemculator™
  • Obtain reliable and consistent quality
  • Standard products are typically delivered within 21 days.


  • For one-piece orders, they provide competitive rates.
  • Whether it’s a bridal set, a ladies’ engagement ring, a polished gold mounting, a certified diamond, a men’s wedding band, gemstone jewellery, earrings, piercings, or anything else, they can easily meet your needs.

Customisable Designs

Customise, price, and order from thousands of jewellery designs
The platform helps you to modify metal, diamonds, gemstones, and finger sizes in one of the thousands of designs, and price them instantly with current bullion and stone prices

Bespoke Design Service

Commission bespoke pieces from concept to completion
Work with an international pool of pre-qualified CAD designers who can create 3D files with your exact aesthetic and technical specifications, ready for manufacturing

Deliver in 21 Days

Receive hallmarked pieces at your doorstep within 2 to 3 weeks of placing the order
If your order uses standard materials, we can produce it within 7 days, have it hallmarked for UK customers, and deliver at your store within 14 to 21 days

Ecommerce Retail Platform

Create your own e-commerce website, or plug in our features into your current platform
Use our plug-ins and content management system to launch your own e-commerce website and curate it with your selection of customisable designs, blogs, and social media integration

Sell Your Existing Stock

Upload current inventory on your new website and display it to your target audience
Showcase all your inventory including jewellery, watches, and giftware, virtually to your customers and allow them to place orders directly on your website

4. JewelTrace

The RFID-powered live data analytics & inventory management solution for jewellers. They capture real-time data from your jewellery store to better analyse consumer trends, item performance, and sales conversions. Using their RFID jewellery software solution, you can track and find products instantaneously, as well as count your inventory in minutes.

Benefits of Jewel Trace
You will be glad to hear about the benefits of Jewel Trace.

  • Real-world data and essential tools for jewellers

JewelTrace is an RFID Jewelry Software Solution that provides data, business information, digital tools, and innovative track and trace of your jewellery goods from within your store.

  • Bringing jewellery and technology together. Easily.

JewelTrace makes it simple to collect data within your shop to help in critical business choices ranging from product to sales employees.

  • Analytics and business data

Customized business intelligence reports on goods movement in your store, as well as how sales, products, and people are performing.

  • Customer involvement

Digital technologies to improve their purchasing process and speed up decision-making.

  • Methodology for marketing

Data is used to decide item promotions or write-offs, as well as product placement and virtual stock, which are used to offer things that are not physically in stock.

  • Customer insights and trends

Record consumer watching and purchase behaviour and design targeted ads to build loyalty and convince walkouts to come back in.


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